The Ugly Truth About These Trendy Unisex Skull Wallet

by Mariazell Magan

The Ugly Truth About These Trendy Unisex Skull Wallet

Whether you’re attending a party, wedding, or any formal occasion, purses are essential accessories that will add character to your look. It doesn’t matter if you want to look classy and elegant OR if you want to gain a bad reputation for the way you dress - if you’re looking for super-sleek purses with a hint of Goth style, these skull purses below are worth a try.


  1. Women Skull Leather Wallet

Complete your Gothic makeover with this fashionable purse perfect for the skull fan and discerning Gothic fashionista. This vibrantly colored money and credit carrier is made with 100% PU leather and features a cool hollow out skull design on its outer facade. Available in colors black, pink, yellow, beige, teal and red, this skull wallet comes with three cash compartments, space for credit card, and a discreet interior zipper pocket for coinage.


  1. Skull Punk Wallet

This skull punk wallet is a great choice for the lover of this season’s punk fashion trend. It’s decorated with a punk-style skull head for women with a darker but unique sense of style. It doesn’t matter if you’re more into Lolita, cyber, or industrial Goth fashion, this skull wallet can be worn boldly with your most treasured outfits. Designed to hold cash and small electronics, this cute skull purse is definitely a must-have!


  1. Skull Key-Chain Organizer Bag

If you’re in love with pieces that look like a work of art, this skull-themed organizer bag is for you. This adorable bag comes with a cute skull and bone pattern design that’s super stylish; perfect for someone who dresses with drama and emotion. Made with genuine type leather and a pillow-shaped cut, this skeleton wallet is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for a substantial purse for a cheap price.


  1. Shiny Leather Skull Purse for Women

Connect with your feminine side using this sparkly leather skull purse. Made especially for women who loves shiny and pretty things, this practical leather purse comes with three cash compartments, four convenient card slots, and an interior zip pocket. It’s made with polyester lining material and wears a polished look with matching skull bone pattern outer design. Available in colors black, gold, blue, and pink, this skull purse is perfect for women with colorful tastes.


  1. Men Skull Wallet

This surprisingly efficient skull wallet has a dedicated space for ID, three credit card holder and an interior zipper coin pocket. With a width of 9.5cm and a height of 2cm, this leather skull wallet is a perfect on-the-go purse for busy hardworking men. It’s accented perfectly with a metallic polished skull and wrench decor, and a soft grain leather black outer cover.


  1. Portable Skull Wallet

Crafted from premium polished leather with polyester lining material, this portable skull wallet is a versatile piece for people who love using multi-functional items. It has three money slots, enough space for four cards, and a zipped interior pocket for coins. It features a metallic skull head design on its outer cover. Available in a selection of colors from classic black to gold, red and blue. Made especially for women who want to seem more broody and dark, this double-duty black skull purse is something you’ll want to show off.


  1. Fashion Skull Wallet

Keep your currency in order with this stylish fashion skull wallet. Its design features patterned metallic skull decors and matching black polyester lining. The interior includes a convenient zipped coin compartment, three money slots, and enough space to hold a smart phone. It looks perfect with a chic black outfit, fingerless gloves, and dog collar necklace for a complete Goth ensemble.


  1. Exclusive Sugar Skull Make-Up Bag

If you’re after something a little more colorful but don’t want to lose your Gothic sense of style, try this exclusive sugar skull make-up bag. Made with Polyester, this sugar skull bag is a great way to inject a fun dark personality to your everyday essentials. With a 3D sugar skull print and matching tangerine background color, this sugar skull purse is a sweet addition to your Gothic wear ensemble.


  1. Black Knuckle Vintage Skull Purse

Send your enemies running with this Knucklebox shaped skull purse. Featuring a unique knuckle skull design, this purse adds a cool dark character to your overall fashion statement. It comes with an exterior slit pocket, solid pattern, and a hasp type closure for convenience. A great evening bag, this sequined purse is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a piece that will help you stand out.

Mariazell Magan
Mariazell Magan


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