The Coolest Skull Watches You’ll Ever Own

by Mariazell Magan

The Coolest Skull Watches You’ll Ever Own


They say “you are what you wear”. Clothes make a man, and every statement piece he wears can affect how people treat him. What if you’re someone whose taste lean to the darker side? What if you have that fun morbid aesthetic some people don’t understand? No worries, flaunt your personality with some of these cool-looking skull watches that showcase the “real you”.


Leather Bracelet Skull Vintage Watch

Want a watch that’s not only easy to read, but also easy to wear? Try this unique skull-themed vintage watch priced at 19$.This nifty little timepiece is made from stainless steel and is clasped to your arm with a soft black leather band. It features a cool skull design on its timepiece that’s visually interesting and a great conversation starter. This watch is the perfect piece to match your Gothic attire or casual emo look.


Newly Design Skull Printed Watch

Experience that genuine feeling of novelty as you wear this skull printed watch. Complemented by a black and white skull pattern print with a band that’s 23.5cm long, this watch is a colorfully fun addition to your skull collection. Featuring a dial layout that is easy to read, minimalistic, and intuitively made, this timepiece is the perfect combination of style and quality. Get it for as low as 14$.


Fashion Flower Printed Spring Stainless Skull Watch

Not something you’d see every day, this flower printed skull watch is as good as any skull watches you are going to get. The polished 38mm round gold case compliments the printed skull on its white background design. Looking very chic, it’s eye-catching as well as durable. For only 19$, you can experience a top-quality watch with no less fashionable design.


8 Style Flower Skull Golden Case Watch 

This sugar-skull printed gold watch combines timekeeping innovation and artistic design that is both modern and luxurious. Available in 8 different colors, this is a very colorful piece that’s refreshing to any passionate watch collector. It comes in a gold casing that creates a strong contrast to the white background and colored leather band. You can’t go wrong with this piece if you want to look chic or Gothic or BOTH.


Pirate Skull Style Quartz Watch

Want a watch with a pirate skull on its dial? Try this pirate skull style quartz watch for only 39$. Being the most special in the pack, this watch is exquisitely crafted with alloy casing, silicone band, and a hardware window dial. It only uses high-quality materials which are used so expertly to come up with a refined design. Not just a great way to tell time, this watch is an awesome conversational piece.


Fashion Sports Men’s Silicone Skull Punk Wristwatch

Just because watches only purpose is to tell time doesn’t mean they have to be boring. This skull-themed timepiece helps you read time in a quirky fun but fashionable way. It comes in five sleek design with black silicone straps that keep them secure in your wrist. The colored skull design on the timepiece, gold plated markers, stainless steel hand enhances its style while the case’s rubber material ensures its durability. For just 19$ you can add this watch to your collection.


Imported Wooden Case Wristwatch

Dark wood that contrasts with light brown wooden casing, this imported wooden case wristwatch offers a one-of-a-kind and trendy design. This luxury watch priced at 32$ is comparably affordable than other luxury timepieces we are used to seeing. Its wooden frame makes it very eye-catching despite while being durable at the same time. With clasp type buckle and a dial diameter of 40.38mm, this watch is a contemporary equivalent to the wooden pocket watch from centuries ago.


Skull Leisure Bracelet Watches

This chic skull-themed colorful time-telling mechanism is yours for just 14$. Complete with a gold case and band lining, this wristwatch is a great all-rounder that combines classy style with Gothic features. With a quilted-like band design, sugar skull print on the dial and small bronze markers, this bracelet watch is very well put together.


Retro Skull Watch

Nothing gets more retro than this skull watch priced at just 14$. With a steampunk designed case inspired from 19th-century tech, this watch has a retro and antique feel to it. It comes with an efficient integrated strap system that makes it easy to wear. The face of the watch comes on a yellow background with gold analog arms maintaining the time count. It’s a watch that will suit your fancy especially if you like mixing both Gothic and retro details.


We hope you found the best skull watch that matches your taste. Tell us in the comments which pieces above are your top picks.

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Mariazell Magan
Mariazell Magan


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