Best Handbags for Working Professionals

by Mariazell Magan

Best Handbags for Working Professionals

Handbags are more than just simple accessories to carry our things, due to their popularity they have become a necessity to every modern working professional. To help you save time on your hunt for the most gorgeous handbags, we’ve rounded up our top picks that will help you find which suits your style and needs. Check out these classic handbags with playful twists:


Fashion Solid Clutch Leather Hand Bag

Bring a little bit of everything wherever you go with this solid clutch leather handbag. This soft-structured bag is a roomy option for people who can’t leave the house without their essential kits. Fitted with a detachable leather strap, this handbag will accompany you in style wherever you may go from dinner date to office. Its made with PU leather with a length of 33cm. It’s currently available in colors turquoise, beige, blue, black, and brown.


Fashion PU Leather Classic Handbag

Make the ultimate handbag investment with this classic leather handbag priced at 30$. This bag has a spacious interior and comes in three chic colors: purple, pink, and glossy black. Its medium size means it can hold just the right amount of stuff for your every day adventures. Complete with useful interior pouch and a zipped pocket, this is a classic handbag that are a must for anyone with sleek fashion tastes!


Vintage Trapeze Tote Leather Handbag

This vintage trapeze leather handbag is sure to brighten any boring office ensemble. It can be worn as a cross-body bag or a handbag depending on your style. Made of soft but durable PU leather, it can be purchased in three colors: rosewood, ocean, and charcoal black. Make this your new travel companion for the perfect weekend getaway.


Vintage Leather Envelope Clutch Handbag

Looking for something cool to add to your 9-5 wardrobe? Your search is over. This vintage leather envelope clutch handbag provides extra beauty to your everyday work wear. With a length of 25cm, this medium sized clutch comes with an adjustable leather strap and magnetic closure on its exterior. With a great price tag, this trendy fashion statement is a perfect all-rounder.


Floral Leather Satchel Handbag

If it’s a floral piece you’re after, this mini satchel handbag is our best choice for you. Featuring white and black background colors printed with floral design, this is the perfect example of a summer handbag that never goes out of style! Made with PU leather, this iconic floral bag oozes beach vibes. After purchase you’ll never love a bag as much! 


Spring Fashion Cross Body Bag

Another colorful option is this 2017 Cross Barrel Handbag. It comes in six cute pastel colors including turquoise, dark blue, red, beige, off-white, and black. Perfected with gold plated lining and zipper, this is another stunning piece that’s just pretty no matter what you wear it with. Made with PU leather with a length of 24 cm, this handbag can carry all your office essentials.


Shoulder Nubuck Leather Vintage Handbag

Stay fashionable and classy with this vintage nubuck handbag. Its the perfect size for an office bag that will go with everything in your closet, no matter what the occasion or season. It has a detachable leather strap you can use to convert to a handbag or a shoulder bag anytime you want. Inside you’ll find two pockets for cellphone or wallet, as well as a back pocket sealed with zipper closure. Its available in colors green, blue, gray and pink.


Rivet Nubuck Tassel Leather Handbag

If you don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort and convenience, this tassel leather handbag is the perfect piece for you. This luxurious handbag is crafted from soft PU leather in dark velvety hues and features a studded flat bottom. Not just a cool office bag, this piece is also travel-friendly, making it a great go-to bag whenever you’re going out with friends.    


Fashion Nubuck Modern Leather Women Handbag

Look sweet and cool with this 2017 nubuck handbag. This small-sized cross-body bag is a fun replacement for your boring office bag. Available in three striking colors: pink, light blue, and black, this piece can be used as an accessory to bring glamour to your plain attire. It comes with a front flip pocket and an interior wallet pocket for your important things.


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Mariazell Magan
Mariazell Magan


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