Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Skull Purses

by Mariazell Magan

Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Skull Purses

Looking for bags with a dark twist? These skull designed handbags can give you the full-on Gothic look you desire. Check out which fashionable pieces below fits your style and personality for the best prices:


  1. Skull Ghost European Handbag

For someone who’s infatuated with wearing dark velvety colors, this bag is a great choice. Available in three colors of black, dark blue, and purple, this fashion handbag is made with PU leather and polyester lining. It has a zipper closure, single strap, and a roomy interior complete with pockets for cell phone and wallet.


  1. Shoulder Skull Bag for Women

Make a statement with this intriguing shoulder skull bag. This black Gothic bag is decorated with metallic skulls all over its facade. With a length of 18 cm and convenient interior compartments for cell phone and wallet, this bag is perfect for use at work or while going shopping.


  1. Set of Skull Bag + Scarf

Elevate your Gothic look with this set of skull bag + scarf. This elegant handbag is a fantastic choice for women who want to use elements of late-Victorian style in their fashion. With skulls and crown pattern decor, this handbag looks very appealing when worn with huge chunky boots and smokey makeup. Complete with a slit pocket, a zipper closure, and an interior slot pocket, this bag is very handy for women who always carry lots of things around.


  1. Ladies Mujer Skull Fashion Clutch Bag

Pair this skull designed clutch bag with fishnet stockings and chiffon skirt for a charming Goth look. Clutch bags like this are best worn for formal occasion when you’re wearing a dress and can’t sling a bag over your shoulder. Made with PU leather and 32 cm in length, this skull clutch can safely hold your wallet, phone, and handkerchiefs.


  1. High Quality Skull Vintage Bag

For women with a dark sense of fashion, this high-quality skull cross-body vintage can fit right into your closet. This bag is made with PU leather and polyester as lining material. It has a riveted decoration of skulls, complete with intuitive interior compartments for cellphone, wallet, and make-up. Flaunt your style and stand out on any occasion using this skull bag.


  1. High-Quality Fashion Leather Skull Bag

This fabulously spooky leather skull bag is something you just can’t live without. Made with genuine leather and a 26 cm length, this handbag is a convenient accessory for shopping, work, or school. It captures the Goth style with its iconic skull symbol, making it a must-have for anyone looking for a way to carry around their dark secrets.


  1. Gothic Skull Retro Skull Sling Hand Bag

Boldly enhance your Goth style with this retro skull sling handbag. It comes in two colors, gold and black, with a gold-plated chain strap and a slit pocket for easy use. The exterior is a fun skull sculpture which can be a great conversation starter. Wear this bag with jeans with studs, chains, or spikes for the best dark ensemble. 


  1. Fashion Punk Skull Rivet Bag

For the goth who has a lot to carry, this fashion punk skull bag is a roomy shoulder bag that will conveniently hold all your needs. Made with PU leather and secured with a zipper closure, this bag is a functional piece that won’t sacrifice your style for comfort.


  1. Famous Luxury Skull Handbag

This skull-decorated satchel features cool metallic studs and chains all over its exterior. With cover closure, polyester lining material, and useful interior pockets - this bag makes a perfect fit for working goth women or discerning rockstars. Wear this with long boots or mix and match black outfits and you’re ready to rock the stage.


  1. Exclusive 3PCS/Set Skull Backpacks

Attend school in style with this colorful Skull Backpack Set. It features three bags including a purse, cross-body bag, and a backpack all for the price of one. Made with Polyester as lining material, a zipper closure, and durable compartments, this bag is a great choice for your angsty teen who loves everything that has to do with death.


  1. Creative Skull Tau Modern Shoulder Bag

This creative skull tau modern shoulder bag is for the goth who wants to keep it classy. Elegantly decorated with metallic skull or metallic tau symbol, this bag is a chic little fashion accessory best worn for posh parties and formal occasion. It’s made with PU leather and polyester for lining, and a lock chain for carrying. It’s available in colors black and white.


  1. Classic Fashion Skull Shoulder Bag

Look as hardcore as you wish to be with this classic skull shoulder bag. This bucket shaped shoulder bag is heavily decorated with metallic studs which make it appearance visually striking, perfect for women with a bold and tough personality. Complete with a slit pocket and a zipper closure, this bag can be worn for formal or casual occasions.


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Mariazell Magan
Mariazell Magan


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