3 Things Everybody Ought to Know About Trendy Bamboo Watches

by Mariazell Magan

3 Things Everybody Ought to Know About Trendy Bamboo Watches

From eye-catching designs to the most minimal-looking, watches are an essential wardrobe staple for every modern person. If you’re looking for something low maintenance, but puts emphasis on function and design, these nature-inspired bamboo watches are worth a try.


  1. Wooden Bamboo Real Leather Strap Quartz Watch

Hate super stylish and sparkly watches? Go simple and splurge on this wooden bamboo quartz timepiece for an understated style that’s sure to match your personality. This mens wooden watch features a cool deer design on its timepiece. It has a round wooden case, dial diameter of 42mm, and a real leather strap with a clasp type buckle that will make it safe and secure while wrapped on your wrist. It also comes with a gorgeous box case perfect for when you need to send it to your special someone as a gift. 


  1. Zabra Wooden Bamboo Quartz Watch

Stay punctual in style with this Zabra wooden bamboo quartz watch. This wooden wrist watch has a round wooden frame and PU leather band material. Worn like a bracelet, it looks perfectly well with a suit, pencil skirt, or any stylish office tunic.


  1. Bamboo Wood Silicone Straps Japan Quartz Watch

This cool bamboo watch is a sweet addition to your modern accessories collection. With a dial diameter of 43mm and a bamboo case that’s 10mm thick, this watch is a fantastic choice as a gift to your loving boyfriend. It comes with a silicone strap band and a resin type dial material. Although not waterproof, it can last an accidental dip or two. So keep your special someone punctual with this watch. And crush all his reasons to be late on your dates!


  1. Wooden Relojes Leather Strap Wristwatches

Never be late on your appointments again with this wooden relojes wristwatch. Available in a set of different colors, this watch is a great timepiece to wear for any casual day. It has a band length of 23.5 cm, a clasp type buckle, PU leather strap, and stainless steel dial material. For as low as 20$, it is a perfect wristwear for all you people looking for an out-of-the-ordinary touch to elevate your outfit.  


  1. Bamboo Cowhide Leather Band Wristwatch

Be a stylish time lord with this adorable bamboo cowhide wristwatch. This quartz womens wooden watch is made with a bamboo case and cowhide leather strap band. It has a band width of 12mm and length of 22.1mm with a clasp type buckle and a dial diameter of 4.4mm. There’s nothing more classy and elegant than this watch matched with a lovely dress.


  1. Luxury Bamboo Relogio Stainless Watch

There’s just something about this bamboo watch that oozes luxury and elegance. It must be the high-quality leather strap or the stainless steel case. Either way, we’re absolutely in love with this timepiece! Get your own for as low as 42$.


  1. Bamboo Wood Hardlex Ladies Wrist Watch

This bamboo hardlex wrist watch has a geometric design on its timepiece giving it a pleasant artsy look for the creative watch wearers. With wood-plated casing and a quality leather strap, this watch is the best wooden watches gift for your dear friend or cherished loved one.


  1. Full Bamboo Wooden Luxury Quartz Watch

This chic wooden luxury quartz watch tells time in a sleek and formal way. With a wooden case and leather band, this watch is texture-wise simple but efficient when it comes to showing time. Dials and markers are colored black which is tough to miss in the wooden timepiece frame. It’s shamelessly minimalist, unobtrusive to look at, and ecological for many reasons. Get yours now for as low as 52$.


  1. Deer Head Hollow Out Technology Wrist Watch

Looking for something elegant you can wear with everything? Try this deer head hollow out technology wrist watch for just $42. This cool-looking minimalist wristwatch is a fantastic accessory for people who love a more elevated style than the classics. With a glass dial window and wooden case, this watch adds an earthy vibe to any ensemble. It’s a perfect go-to-statement bamboo wooden watch for working men and women who can’t live without tracking their time every single hour of the day.


  1. Bamboo Wood Blue Miytor Watch

This blue Miytor watch is enough to win you lots of style and cool points. Made with leather band and a wooden casing material, this adorable blue timepiece is a precious find for your beloved timekeeper. It comes with a dial diameter of 42mm, a buckle type clasp, and a glass window for a modern and sleek look. It’s yours for as low as 42$.

Mariazell Magan
Mariazell Magan


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